Herbal medicines –  from the Earth

Plants have been used as primary medicines since the very beginning. Even animals are known to use them in this way!

Modern drugs have now taken centre stage and can often bring huge benefits, especially where there is a disease to attack. However plant medicines do a different job and may still play a useful role in building health. Herbs were not a sentimental choice: people needed to survive a hard world and used and valued them because they did a job.  The best wisdom over centuries is that herbal medicine is well suited for nudging the body to repair, to defend itself and to recover. Concentrating and preserving plants by drying them (‘drug’ comes from an old word ‘drogen’ meaning dried plant) and the extracting them can make strong remedies that can change things quite quickly.

Herbs are the most widely used home remedies, with spices and herb teas still among the safest ways to self treat. When expertly focused they can also be powerful tools for repair.

The Sustainable Health offers world-renowned expertise. Simon Mills has been practising for over 40 years and has written the key educational textbooks. Roberta Hutchins prepares herbal medicine monographs on behalf of the leading European research network and is also Secretary of the British Herbal Medicine Association.