Do you need to find a new way to get better?

Maybe you have been through the health care system, got the prescriptions, maybe another check up, but still have trouble …

or you have a problem that no one can put their finger on…

or you just want to become healthier, naturally and on your own terms?


There are things you can do!

At the Sustainable Health Centre we offer approaches that can help break a health logjam.

In all cases we offer senior practitioners, each with many years of safe practice, who fully respect and work with conventional medical treatments. Each can deliver a new way to look at your health that puts you and your story at the centre and tailors a treatment or learning plan to fit.

Sustainable Health Centre
Notaries House
Chapel Street
Devon EX1 1AJ

Call Ann any morning at
01392 213 899

  • We are a world-leading centre in herbal medicine and are expert in finding medicines that can support you in managing a wide range of health problem.
  • We have two well-established osteopaths, both with additional cranial skills who can help with back, muscle and joint problems, in all ages …
  • One of the leading teachers in Alexander technique who can help you learn to ‘change the habits of a lifetime’.
  • The Exeter Reiki centre for one-to-one or group sessions …
  • Reflexology
  • Massage therapy

We are the home of the Health Guides project. The toolkit can extend your treatment by helping you Learn to be Well, especially in improving sleep and eating, managing stress and building your energies. When you visit the Sustainable Health Centre you may get your own edition of My Health Journey. This contains pages chosen just for you. You can then bring this back with you to discuss with your practitioner at future visits.